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Revision Timetable:

It is not possible for anyone to work without taking any rest. So it is good to include add and break time to the revision time table chart. By taking frequent and short breaks will enhance the concentration so it is very much important to complete the revision work within a given period of time.

Good revision techniques

The students cannot get good marks without having a good revision. Students who are preparing for the exams cannot get good marks if they will not revise the syllabus before the commencement of the examination. There are several techniques through which you will be able to make good marks.


When you are revising the notes take the summary of that notes which will help you to get all the essential points. By taking the help of simple drawings you will be able to take the short notes through which you will be able to get the things done in a very reliable way.

Test yourself:

You can also take the help of your relative or friends to test you. Tell them to take your test by shooting different type of questions. It is also important to attend the revision classes which are being conducted by the faculties, by doing so you will be able to find out your mistakes.

Search for the calm place:

There are several students who get distracted at some places. So it is good to choose some quiet and calm place to avoid any kind of disturbances, which will help you to focus on the studies. The best places for revision are library, your personal room, or school classroom.

Eat well:

It is very essential to take the meals on time. If you will not take the meals on time then you may get distracted and because of this you will have to face several issues related to your health. Try to avoid oily food items.

Do in the morning:

If you will revise the lessons early in the morning then you will be able to finish more lessons. There are several researches which have been done on this, which shows the result that if you will revise the chapters in the morning then you will be able to remember the things for a long period of time.

Think positive:

There are many students who are completely nil in studies but in life they are perfect. This doesn't mean that there is no need to give proper focus on the exams, apart from this there are several things in life. It is very much important to face all the situations in your life bravely and after doing this you will be able to make the things according to your wish. Don't lose the hopes if you are not getting good marks in the examination. Failure is considered as the stopping stones for success.