Vibration Of a Cantilever Beam

This project is associated with the examination of the vibration of a cantilever beam by comparing with the theory and experimental results. Vibration of a cantilever beam involves continuous systems which have their mass and stiffness spread out continuously across the whole system and vibrates at one or more of its natural frequency. In engineering, the vibrations of structural systems, such as a cantilever beam, can sometimes be modelled very effectively in this way. The model takes the form of a Partial Differential Equation (PDE). On the other hand, these systems have an infinite number of degrees of freedom and infinite number of natural frequency. In fact, if a system vibrates on its own, or no external force acts on the system after initial disturbance, the ensuing vibration is called free vibration. In contrary, if the external force is driven in any system, the resulting vibration is known as forced vibration. If the frequency of external forces vibration matches with natural frequencies of the system then resonance frequency occurs. Therefore the system amplitude rises dangerously and can be collapsed engineering structure such as turbines, bridges, and buildings.

In practice, vibration of a cantilever beam system has always some damping (e.g. viscous damping, aerodynamical, internal molecular friction). The system damping causes the gradual energy dissipation of vibration energy and it results continuing decay of amplitude of the vibration of a cantilever beam. Although damping has some effect on natural frequency of a system but also it helps in limiting the amplitude of oscillation at resonance. 

Therefore, study of the ‘vibration of a cantilever beam', both theoretically and experimentally, would help in understanding and explaining the possible implication, failure of engineering application components and the vibration structure of a cantilever beam structure very closely.



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