The basics of the eleven plus process !

The Basics of the Eleven Plus Process !

Eleven Plus Advice - The Basics

The Eleven Plus Process ! 

Places at Top Grammar Schools have now been seen as the Holy Grail of many parents. 

My sincere advice is to start the process early. 

Definitely by the start of Year 4 the process should begin. 

There are a set of Disciplines that need to be thoroughly mastered in order to ensure success at the Eleven Plus Examinations. 

1. English Comprehension 

This is the ability to read and fully understand a text and its nuances. 

I have purposely used the word "nuance" to emphasise the fact that the student needs to be well read and have a very strong developed vocabulary. 

2. English Creative Writing 

The student will usually have 30 minutes to write a piece that will truly "touch, move and inspire" the reader. 

Nothing else will do ! 

The writing has to stand out from amongst the sea of faces that one will encounter upon taking the student to the massively competitive and overcrowded examination day. 

This takes practice and a lot of coaching from an experienced Tutor. 

3. Mathematics 

This usually will be to Level 6. 

My intention is to always teach the student up to and including Year 7 Mathematics. 

Anything thrown at them will be then taken in their stride. 

4. Non-Verbal Reasoning (Numerical Reasoning) 

5. Verbal Reasoning. 

There you have it ! 

The FIVE Disciplines that a student needs to Master to be fully prepared to take on the challenging task of Eleven Plus Examinations !

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