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Hello. My name is Charles, and I am a local musician from . I am offering private violin lessons to both children and adults alike. Whether you have already progressed a little bit with the violin and would like some extra tuition or whether you would like to learn to play the violin for the first time, I am here to help you to learn and progress. You maybe wanting to get your graded exams in the violin, join a local orchestra or music group or would just like to play for the enjoyment of it. Whatever your needs may be, I am here to help you to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Why me?

    I have a strong background in music. I have been playing the violin from a young age and I have also been singing from a young age.I have a distinction in grade 8 violin and I also have grade 8 in singing and grade 6 in piano.I have a 2:1 degree from and I also have a post-graduate Diploma in Humanities from the Open University.I am a member of the Cardiff Symphony Orchestra and I am also a member of the Cardiff Bach Choir.I possess natural leadership and teaching skills which have developed over many years and I also possess a friendly and approachable manner when working with both children and adults alike.

The Lessons

For my beginners I, teach them the basics of how to play the violin. I use my own unique teaching methods when it comes to technique and playing the violin itself. I also use an approved beginners' course so that my students get the best instruction in learning to play. They learn to play simple tunes, basic scales and some music theory as well. For my students who already play the violin, I make sure that they are playing with the correct technique and I help them to learn and progress in whichever way they want. Some students like to take their graded exams, others do not. If any of my students wish to be taught up to grade 8 then I do offer this teaching as well. As with all my other students I, teach music theory to them as well. The graded exams 1 through to 8 are taken with the ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music). Each exam comprises of set pieces to play, scales and arpeggios, sight reading tests and aural tests. I help each of my students to prepare for their exams in a way which ensures that they are able to take their exams with confidence. With all my students I use a wide repertoire of music to play so that each of them gets the best out of their playing and so that their own individual repertoire includes a good variety as well. In this way they get to know the different kinds of music that are available to them which includes music from all the different eras. Above all I like my students to be able to learn and progress in a relaxed and friendly environment so that they not only enjoy learning to play the violin with me but also so that they become first class violinists and are then able to move on to join local orchestras and music groups and feel that they have made a good investment in something which has paved the way for greater things in making their own contribution to the music world. If you feel that you would like to learn the violin with me please do not hesitate to get in touch with me today to arrange your first lesson.


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I am a local musician from Cardiff. I teach violin to all ages and all grades.