First year University Life

The first year of University is a major transition point in anyone’s life. Its where you become more independent than ever and are no longer spoon-fed exam content. There are many major differences including financially and socially. Travel costs, food costs and general living costs are extreme money consumers especially when you live in a place like London. Socially, however, many people will notice that people are smarter and act much more professionally, which is a good thing. Interacting with others professionally, whilst being socially active with others on your University course bring out your more better values. You no longer meet your lecturer staff as people that you know, like back at college/school. Ultimately, you are completely unrestricted in what you want to do, whether that be joining social clubs and societies or even have very in-depth intellectual conversations with highly academically empowering people staff- as you are surrounded by such. Some good tips include getting to know your peers very early from the beginning. Also, making sure you go to all the lectures helps with this, and keeps you on track academically. Furthermore, the first year of university contains a lot of A level content from the previous year you would have been studying, which means the transition is not that bad and you can catch up quite quickly, whereas it is still best to be on top of everything as the style and teaching of content varies a lot still. Making sure you make yourself look professional is good, however having good friends and peers is a massively great thing to have. Your friends may help you with coursework and remind you of deadlines which is useful in the busy environments you will be in. Also, it is not a bad idea to have student bank accounts, or get a Saturday job as it will relieve your stress with regards to money and finances. A lot of students also forget to apply to scholarships for each of the Universities that they apply to, which, ultimately, could lead to them having less disposable income then they could have had. 

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