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Students seeking genuine strategies to improve their English Fluency can’t afford to overlook the Discourse Markers. These provide a variety of functions that help Presenters to offer professional presentations and offer writers devices that serve to deliver clear and concise concepts and descriptions to their readers. Discourse Markers are a tool you need to have in your vocabulary tool box to offer cohesion to your scripts and clarity to your presentations.  Isn't this exactly what English students are seeking to achieve in their IELTS and other examinations? 

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There are quite literally volumes of information that students can find on the Internet concerning these valuable tools. You could try a simple search through Google like “Discourse Markers examples and worksheets with answers”. I have checked the results in Google for this particular search and I received over 3 million hits, so there is plenty for you to follow up on. In the meantime allow me to offer you a few of my favourites. I will include some extra detail with these so that you can slot them straight into your presentations to make them a little more practical, polished and professional.
Closing a Presentation

Well, that brings me to the end of my presentation. I do hope you enjoyed the information I was able to share with you today/tonight/this morning and I urge you to email me if you have any questions that come to light after today’s meeting. You will find my email address on the hand-outs I offered you at the beginning of my presentation. Now let’s move to my Q&A or Question and Answer time.** [Hand-outs are usually A4 sheets you may hand out to people before they listen to your presentation]**


Closing a Presentation 2

We have treated a lot of information today and that last point brings me to the end of my presentation. I would like to close and thank you all for your attention today and I hope that the information I have given you helps you in your day to day activities working here at Global Image and Co. We will now move into Question Time, are there any questions for me?


Proposing an Alternate Approach

This was the outcome that many companies experienced when faced with these particular circumstances; however, I would like to offer you an alternate approach that can enable companies to avoid taking the same path as those we have just discussed.


Offering a Prescribed Order

Our products address many of the issues we have discussed today, let me revise these in the following order


Provide Reasons

There are a variety of reasons why this company experienced difficulties with their production line, and I would like to provide the following reason to you, they are as follows


Provide Examples

My organization provides a huge variety of services to a large list of companies as their preferred supplier, so please allow me to provide the following examples of the customer base that we currently service


Common Links and Discourse Markers
We use Discourse Markers to link our ideas together and guide our audience in terms of the direction our presentation is taking them. These add fluency to our deliveries.
We can use popular links like In order to, So as to, So that
Some examples for you to try,
1. I am taking French lessons in order to communicate with the locals during my trip to Paris next year.
2. I need to leave work early today in order to give me time to renew my driver’s licence.
3. You need to use my programs in order to streamline your production line.
4. I always conduct private correction interviews with my staff so as not to embarrass those I am trying to help.
5. It is important to offer demonstrations to students on the same lap top as they use at home so as to avoid confusion.
6. It is vital to listen carefully to what I am saying so that you can repeat to me exactly what I have said.
7. You need to go to bed early so that you can get up early and come fishing with me.
Other common Links and Discourse Markers include,
But - [Never at the beginning of a sentence], In spite of, In addition, Since, As well as, However, Despite the fact, Even though, In order to, Therefore, So as to, Neither Nor, and While.


Have fun with these that I have shared with you above. Explore the Google search I have given you and why not print off a few of the worksheets, with answers. Pop these into your handbag or brief case and next time you are sitting on a train on your way to work, waiting in a Doctor’s waiting room or having a quiet coffee break at Starbucks, why not pull out the worksheets, complete them and mark them yourself? This is a great way to work on your Road to English Fluency during your downtime.
Steve Keighran

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