Mathematics and Computer Science with guaranteed results.


I am reliable, responsible and I care for delivering the desired results of my students, as you can see in my testimonials. Also great references are available by request. First lesson is free.


I studied at Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science with specialisation in pure Mathematics. Specially it’s clarification is my big hobby.I like to help my students develop their abilities and skills in this beautiful subject. 

Many students are lost in Mathematics and the subjects that involves some applications of it, because of their lack in basic understanding or practice. With further advancement in school are more and more disappointed. Therefore I pay close attention to build foundations in order to give the student self-esteem and self-reliance in counting. Of course I am used to help with HWs outside the lesson via iMessage/Telegram, if needed FaceTime. Online tutoring replicates in-person tutoring dynamic and it si remarkably effective. I focus on teaching Math in a way that make sense to each of my students, giving them skills they need to reach their goals and giving them renewed confidence in themselves.


 I am supportive, communicative, dedicated, reliable and absolutely passionate, when it comes to teaching Mathematics and helping my students become better. I spent most of my free time in researching this subject. I consistently recieve very good reviews from my students adn their families. 

My help regularly seek students with special needs like dyscalculia, dysgraphia etc. and I deliver great results too.I love that moment when students goes from confused and disliking a subject to realize that it isnt as bad as they think. These students are not only from the UK, most of them are from all around the world. 


Preparation for every single lesson is a sure thing. During my 4 years of full time tutoring over 300 students were well-prepared with high percentage of success for IGCSE, SAT, A-Levels, high school and university entrance examinations. I guarantee grade improvement by 2 degrees. See the testimonials below the profile or ask for references.  




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Reliable and high-quality teaching Mathematics and Computer Science. Specially it's clarification is my big hobby. I am very well prepared for my lessons and care for all my students not only at set times but in my free time as well. I have great patience with my students and place spec.... Read More