What is Organizational Behaviour

Organizational behaviour is the study which explains the way and manner in which people interact within groups. The core idea of the study of organizational behaviour explains that scientific approach can be applies in managing human resources in order to create more efficient business organization. Various organizational theories are implemented on human resources in order to maximize the output level of individuals in the group. There are several types of organizational behaviour theories and models which are applied in business organization and it also covers the area of research which include raising job satisfaction, improving job performance, encouraging leadership, innovation and promotions. Different tactics are adopted by manager in managing human resource which includes reunion of groups, amending compensation structures, improving the way of evaluation of performance.

Organizational behaviour studies the attitude and action of an individual or group of individual towards each other and also towards organization moreover organizational behaviour study attempts to understand it’s affect on organization working and performance. It also investigates how organizational structures affect the relation with other organization. Organization behaviour has two different approaches which are micro and macro behaviour approaches. Macro organizational behaviour theory dynamic individuals and group in an organization structure whereas macro organizational theory studies and understand how organization adapt and implement various strategies and contingencies that guide them.

Organizational behaviour theory has ultimate aim of improving attitude and behaviour of individuals towards each other and also improving relationship with other organizations. Several researches are conducted by scholars in management of human resources and their findings and facts have helped business managers to meet real world challenges.  The principles and theories are studied to explore nuts and bolts of human resource in any organization. The study of organizational behaviour is influenced by various disciplines like human resource management, strategic management and industrial researches.

Now the important question is that for any business to be successful accounting and finance is very important so likewise does organizational behaviour really important for bottom line profitability or success? A firm which has enough good products so does it matters for buyers to buy such products regardless of how motivated and happy workforce is? For the success of a firm in long run it is very essential that its employees or workforce is happy and motivated. A happy, committed and motivated staff definitely strengthens the bottom line profitability of a firm in long run.

Previously companies pay all their attention on the numbers and how to achieve them and employees were consider as the money making machines only. Moreover these employees were only graded on scale of productivity and skills. With the changing business environment companies realizes to focus on how employees react on situations rather than if they respond and with time companies realizes the importance of organizational behaviour as an essential tool of managing staff and employees. Also companies introduce various training and development programs for building better work team. Such programs were held to improve overall personality, creativity, adaptability, group behaviour and etc of employees.  For the effective management of workforce it is very important to define organizational behaviour to all employees in order to make sure everybody has a clear idea about it and thereafter describing how negative or positive behaviour of employees affects the business performance and what actions of staff member benefits or hurt other members. Also it is necessary to predefine organization’s culture which includes customs, expectations, values and beliefs of company to all employees. Various studies and research of organizational behaviour helps to understand the problem area with behaviour of employees within organization and how to regulate and control such behaviour which adversely affects the organization.

Various types of organizational behaviour in the workplace which regulates the individual or group behaviour of employees are managerial control; it is the most critical part of an organization to control over its employees and staff by management team. The type of managerial control a company chooses for an organization will affect how company maintains its work team.   Another important type of organizational behaviour is work ethics; the more strong ethical policy of a company will be, the more strong company will be. Attributing from this fact, it can be rightly said that organizational behaviour is one of the most important aspect of any business, it not only governs the human behaviour but it also directs organization towards the path of goal accomplishment and ultimate success.

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