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Writing an evaluation can be particularly difficult as they are often done at the end of an examination when time becomes critical or where the need to finish is overwhelming in those situations, evaluations can be poorly created or even worse, missed out! This article seeks to remedy some of those issues.

In economics, and mainly in the larger questions, the advice to plan, plan, plan is hugely important. It does not require a lot of effort to scribble down some notes that you can refer to show that you can include definitions, diagrams, use of the case study and then the two sides of the argument. However, where is space for the evaluation?

In the first instance, as you are writing, you will get a gut feeling for what is good or bad. Do not ignore this. It is a sign that your brain is already thinking about what the evaluation is going to be. It is at this point that you should begin to write down your thoughts under the following headings;

W = Effects of your idea on the whole area

E = Efficient;

E = Equality; does everyone benefit?

S = Scale; how strong is the impact of your idea?

T = time; long and short term results

E = Effective; does your idea solve the problem?

P = Point; and the point of your idea is?

F = Factors; are there other factors to be considered?

You might recognise some of this as the ‘Weesteps’ formula propounded by Tutor2U and so they are. However, a strong evaluation must allow you, the student, to criticise even your own ideas. Hence the need to consider other factors that might affect what you are trying to achieve.

In writing your plan, make sure you scribble a few notes under each heading. The time taken to scrawl some notes will free up your brain to consider other points while you are writing; such as getting your spelling and grammar correct!

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