Talking about your lifestyle.


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Chapter Name: Talking about your lifestyle. 


Audio-Video Session {with Feedback, Examples on the current topic}  



Hello everyone and welcome back to the new session. Hope you all enjoyed the last session that we have had on “Telephone Conversation”. I have received a lot of likes from all of you for the last session. It was great and such appreciations keeps me motivated to bring more and more such topics for you. Today we are going to look into one such topic. Today’s topic is “Talking about your lifestyle”.  

Today we are going to talk about life style. What exactly does the word means when we say look at his/her or their life style?

Introduction of Current Chapter:

A lifestyle typically reflects an individual's attitudes, values or world view. Therefore, a lifestyle is a means of forging a sense of self and to create cultural symbols that resonate with personal identity. Lifestyle may include views on politics, religion, health, intimacy, and more. All of these aspects play a role in shaping someone's lifestyle. In late nineties people used to categorize the term lifestyle somewhat like this,

  •   Lifestyles based on Income or occupation
  •   Lifestyles based on social and political status
  •   Lifestyles based on royal class segments

Today we see the world has completely changed and lifestyle has become somewhat a very common feature. In today’s digital world every big brands focus on the middle and lower segments. Today I am going to talk some basic lifestyle that any common to middle class person can adopt. This incident took place when I was participating in a live event on lifestyle in Mumbai. I come from a small town in Jaipur and by profession I am a fashion designer. I was amongst the five best fashion designer been chosen for creativity in lifestyle for common man. I would like to share my experience here for you.

I have categorized the lifestyle concept into four phases,

  1.   Health Consciousness (Keeping fit)

2. Clothing with the style trends (Dressing Sense)

  1. Updating your body language (Modernizing)
  2. Socializing with the crowd. (Social Networking)

I am sure following these four steps will lead you to a complete personality. I will now explain how? Let’s get started with the first step.

þHealth Consciousness (Keeping fit)

  1. Sleep Earlier: Go to bed earlier. You might be used to watching TV or surfing the net in the night, I recommend you to skip this habit out of your daily life, sooner or later you will start waking up early in the morning.
  2. Get out of your bed as early as possible: Getting out of your bed an hour early to your daily routine schedule, can give you more time to exercise or take some yoga or meditation into practice. 
  3. Keeping you to a healthy diet: By healthy diet doesn’t mean costlier and tinned dietary foods. You can keep healthy by absorbing common available foods. You don’t have to visit a gym trainer or a nutritionist to guide you through a healthy diet. The best person to do this is your mother. Yes she knows you better anyone else. You can add some natural things like Fruits, vegetables, pulses, dry fruits, juices and lots of water. Try to avoid fast foods, oily foods, coffee, tea and beverages. Avoid smoking and boozing habits as these habits kills you day by day. 
  4. Taking a nice shower: We all take shower before we move out to our school, college, work place, participating in events, sports etc. I recommend that when you take shower make sure that it is not too hot, for it will break your hair and hurt your skin. Anything from lukewarm to cold (if you like it that way) is fine. Warm water opens up your pores while cold water closes them, so you may want to keep that in mind.

Ritu: Namaste! {To Yoga instructor}

Instructor: Namaste!

Ritu: Guru Ji I have learnt some Asanas that you had taught us in the class. I tried them yesterday and I think I was able to do them well.

Instructor: That’s so nice of you. I shall be teaching you a couple more in today’s class. I am sure you also followed the 4 tips to keep yourself healthy. As these are mandatory steps to be followed.

Ritu: Yes Guru Ji I am following these steps and am trying to make it a habit.

Instructor: Good.

Ritu: Guru Ji could you please let me know if you have some specific dietary list that one should follow. Because most of us are from working or business class and we are used to tinned and ready to use products.

Instructor: Yes I have a planned diet list which you all can use. If you happen to have any confusion you can ask me. Please leave your e-mail ID’s and I will send them to you.

Ritu: Thank you so much Guru Ji.

Instructor: You are welcome.

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