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Educational articles from our tutors

W. Gage

Ligetilines Process

‘Ligetilines’ is the effort to choreograph the Ligeti Solo Cello Sonata for cello and two dancers. To simplify the music for translation to movement, and to externalise my understanding of the Sonata, I painted a graphic score. Originally conceiv.... Read More>>

Jun 13,2016  By: W. Gage

Art of Wishing {Beginners}

Today we are going to see some good ways of wishing someone on a good and a worst situation. You know that wishing can make someone feel good and sometimes light. We know that in our life quite often come across some happiest moments and sometimes th.... Read More>>

Jul 12,2015  By: Madhusudan

Bodies inscribed with meaning through culture

Sansho Shima means conflicting circumstances or obstacles to our inner harmony in buddhist terms. Things Fall Apart on which the piece is based catalogues events in the main protagonist's inner struggle with his balance of male and female - he is an .... Read More>>

Sep 04,2016  By: Tomi