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  • Ana

    Miss Ana

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    My first tutoring experience was at 6 years ago when I was a trainee teacher within the scope of the Integrated Pedagogical Traineeship, Educational Branch of the Degree (5 years of studies) in Teaching Portuguese and French. Since then that I am a language teacher.

    After gain experience as a teacher in Portugal, I decide to travel and work as a tutor/teacher and in 2011 I travelled to Asia where I spent 10 months working as a Portuguese tutor for the Portuguese Institute for Development Support (IPAD) in East Timor.

    Returning back to Portugal, but unhappy with the closure of many schools, due to the economic crisis in my country, I decided to leave Portugal in 2013 to teach in the United Kingdom.

    I started by observing lessons, supervising and supporting students in French lessons, tutoring GCSE Portuguese and doing general classroom assistance to know more about the Curriculum in the United Kingdom.

    Please contact as many tutors as possible (up to 4 tutors at a time).

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