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Rates range from: £25.00 to £35.00 per hour

About Amelie

PhD in Experimental Psychology, with a strong background in Research Methods and Statistics. Experienced in teaching statistics and research methods, and in delivering private tuition around research projects (e.g., dissertation). Additionally currently undertaking a MSc in Data Science: skilled in data analysis and visualization with R, developing skills with Python (watch this space).


I have taught in many different settings and also participated to outreaching activities, providing me with a wide scope of teaching methods and the flexibility needed to teach a range of students with different levels and backgrounds. Specifically, I have been teaching research methods and statistics extensively. I also have been marking research/lab reports and essays, and have supervised successfully over 70 project students over the last 9 years. This experience will allow me to support you with your project of any kind (e.g., dissertation). Please note however that I have very little experience in qualitative research and typically cannot help with such projects. For quantitative method, I have expertise in using R, SPSS, JASP and jamovi, and I am currently learning Python as well.

Where students' feedback can be provided, my feedback is always excellent, and many students have passed on my details to their friends, testifying of their satisfaction with my work. My training and my own position in Higher Education will provide you with the right insight in your work.

Please note however that I have very little experience in qualitative research and typically cannot help with such projects.

Should you be a student in my own institution (a London university), I will not be able either to take your offer, due to conflicts of interest (please mention your university when messaging me).

I believe that you can teach and tutor at student level without dumbing down, by showing the relevance of the content to the student's interests, and I excel in one-to-one relationships, so I can adapt to each student's needs and mentor them through the process.

Availability: Flexible, let's discuss and find a common ground.

Willing to travel: Home Only

Tutoring Experience:

PhD, Senior Lecturer, privately tutoring in the UK since 2011


Data Visualization volunteer team member (part-time) - Correlaid (remote role) 02/2021 – present

Lecturer (part-time) - School of Psychology, Université Grenoble-Alpes (France)

Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Science in a London University (Business School 2013-present)

Instructor in Psychology at University of Birmingham (2012-13)

Part-time lecturer in Psychology at Coventry and Kingston Universities (2011-14)

Graduate teaching assistant in Psychology at University of Birmingham (2008-2011)

  • Loughborough University (Pursuing)- Data Science MSc Single Honours from the Loughborough University.

  • The University of Birmingham (2013)- Psychology PhD Single Honours from the The University of Birmingham. (Grade: Pass)

  • Toulouse (France) (2008)- MSc Single Honours from the Toulouse (France). (Grade: 2:1)

  • Toulouse (France) (2004)- BSc Single Honours from the Toulouse (France). (Grade: 2:1)

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