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Rates range from: £26.00 to £35.00 per hour

  • A-Level: £32.00 per hour
  • Adult Learner: £28.00 per hour
  • Degree: £35.00 per hour
  • GCSE: £30.00 per hour

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  • Adult Learner: £28.00 per hour
  • Key Stage 3: £26.00 per hour
  • GCSE: £30.00 per hour

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About Lily

I am a young, patient and enthusiastic tutor who loves teaching and sharing knowledge. To parents/guardians My lessons never last one hour, which is why I will need you to spare at least 1 hour and 30 minutes for tuition and little updates, as I care a lot for my pupils' success and keep close connection to their parents/guardians.

Our common advantage is that I am actually a self-taught polyglot, that is, I have taught myself languages from scratch on top of private tuition, which enables me to insist more upon spelling and pronunciation, use of language and culture, combining various methods and strategies by which I personally was able to acquire language and literature knowledge.

I believe in interactive teaching using modern methods such as role-play, debates, games, visuals and simulation. I use the internet a lot, thus ensuring that the language topics are up-to-date and raise my pupils' interest. I carry my own equipment, but internet connection would be extremely helpful.If not, I adapt. :)

In addition to the resources and equipment, increasing the students' motivation and self-confidence is equally important. That is why I endeavour to have relaxed students who, hopefully, will not consider our language sessions another boring burden. Homework is usually part of the lessons, but I may be contacted online in between the sessions for further assistance or queries, and it often can be e-mailed to me, depending on the type of task set.

I tend to fill in the gaps, so please don't be apprehensive if I set tasks that may seem 'inferior' to my tutees' level. I would like you to trust me, as it will help them in the long run. (I'm speaking here from the perspective of someone who had learned these languages by herself with additional help from tutors, before studying them together with their literatures and cultures in the University.)

I follow The National Curriculum and am familiar with the Framework for Teaching Languages, as well as the requirements of the exam boards for GCSE and 'A' Levels. To my students: Learning can be fun with entertaining resources and ,as one of my dear teachers once told me: 'The better you are prepared, the easier your exam questions will be' Best of luck! Bonne chance! !Le deseo "Mucha Suerte"!

Availability: I am available afternoons and weekends, and sometimes morning, but cancellation fee applies if no two- working day's cancellation notice is given. (50% -for less than than 48 hrs; 100% for less than 24 hrs). However, no cancellation fee is required if the student agrees to recover the lesson within 2 weeks. Slots available: Latest slots available - Tuesday 8pm - depending on area; Thursday 6 pm -depending on area; Friday: 6pm -depending on area; Saturday 10am; Sunday 11am I travel by public transport, so, if destination is not reachable by one bus ride, I charge the cost of the second bus ride.

Willing to travel: 10 miles

Tutoring Experience:

I have experience in teaching English, ESOL and French both abroad and in the UK. I have taught English and French full time in schools to students aged 7-19 and ESOL to adults in language colleges and private, as well as Spanish up to GCSE, as part of my school experience in the UK.

I am no longer a full time tutor, but in the remaining time I've got 3 pupils who study French and 1 Spanish tutee.

I focus mainly on GCSE and offer online tuition via skype and appropriate programmes. Offer - 20% discount for 10 lessons paid in advance - 10% discount on your next tuition session for both you and any new pupils introduced New: Ideal for crash course GCSE/A Level: 10% off 6 lessons paid in advance (save some money with help on the way!) Online tuition - same offer but 30 extra minutes for free added to each tuition session; first 20 minutes free, before making a decision of taking an online set of classes.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain! Try it and you won't regret it!

  • 'Al.I.Cuza' University (2003)- language and literature degree, teacher training during degree and PGCE with Middlesex University in the UK QTS Major/Minor Honours from the 'Al.I.Cuza' University.

My Testimonials
Name of the person who provided this testimonial: Eleanor
Hola Lily, I'm very pleased, I got an A in my writing and an A in my speaking, which overall was still a B in the Spanish GCSE, but I was happy with that. Thank you so much for all your help and support it really made the difference. I'm pleased to inform you that all my other results were good as well. Muchas Gracias Eleanor
Name of the person who provided this testimonial: Andrew
'I can hardly believe it, I even got an a* in my speaking and a's in writing and reading. Je dois avoir une boom( a party, if I remember correctly ) tout de suite!!! Bonnes Vacances! ' Andrew -GCSE French OCR student
Name of the person who provided this testimonial: Shady
GCSE 2013, OCR French Thanks for all your help & support. Just found your number. Managed to end up with an A* in French GCSE. Reading: 60/60 Writing: 90/90 Speaking: 86/90 Listening: 58/60 Total UMS: 294/300 An A* is 270/300 upwards Yes, you could mention all i said under my first name. June 2013 is when I sat them.
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