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About Ross

Hi, I`m a 24 year old Biomedical Science graduate (2:1) from Sunderland University with a large enthusiasm for the sciences, especially Biology! Biology is incredible and is - (or will be after our lesson!) intriguing to everybody! It directly affects each and every living thing on this planet and there is always more to discover and learn about it.

After completing my degree I worked in a warehouse, during this time I discovered how much I missed learning and discussing science, so I decided that I will do a PGCE and go on to be a Science or Maths teacher.

In the meantime I would like to do some tutoring and share the knowledge I gained during my degree, in order to show my students how great these subjects can be. I`ve also recently done some sales work selling martial art memberships to parents, during this time my confidence increased and I spent the majority of my time at work, with children and their families, discussing, explaining and sometimes even just occupying the kids whilst the parents discussed the formalities with my colleagues.

Although far from my ideal job, I enjoyed engaging with new people and most importantly teaching them about the development, history and physical benefits of martial arts - so it was worth all the hard work!

I believe I am a confident, fun, enthusiastic and patient person. I`ve been told I have a good seance of humour (which I believe is important to break the ice!) and I`m very approachable. I am comfortable talking to both children and their parents/carers and can observe the body language and behaviour of my students in order to gauge their level of interest and understanding of the current topic.

I know it can be intense working one to one, so I always make my sessions fun and cater for the different age and learning styles of the students. I also like to set small assignments to be completed independently by the student, before returning to me to mark it and discuss the answers. I try to set a variety of these assignments which aim to enable the student to practise the skills learnt in the session increase confidence and encourage the student to use essential skills and their own initiative to find the answers. They will be set on interesting, unusual and (hopefully) fun topics & will be tailored to suit the students learning styles and hobbies.

For example: why make a student sit and read a passage they`re found from a book? If they enjoy photography and media.. Set them a task making a movie trailer for the book! Art? Make a comic strip style poster of the information! I.T? Produce a PowerPoint or an animation! Music? Produce a song, rap or music video to deliver the information in a memorable and unique way.... lessons shouldn`t be boring!

I readily encourage my students to interact during the sessions, to ask me questions and discuss the topic with me! I try to be as creative as possible and ensure I explain things as many times, using as many different approaches as needed until the student fully understands it.

The first session is an introductory session and is FREE, it gives both me and the student an opportunity to get to know each other.

During this session I will aim to find out:

*The preferred learning style of the student- so I can tailor following sessions to best suit them

*Specific problem areas the student has

*The areas the student in confident and has a good understanding of

*The level the student is currently thought to be working at

*The exam board(s) being used- so Im aware which syllabus to guide us

*The students Confidence/anxieties about the exam(s) and coursework or lab work - as this is an area I will work on increasing......

And I also hope to discover some of their interests in order to inspire and ultimately share my enthusiasm for the subjects, and have some fun! I look forward to meeting you, Ross.

Availability: I`m very flexible around timings, wether daytimes, evenings on weekdays or weekends- just let me know when is best for you! I prefer to have the sessions in a Library where we can access the internet etc, however alternative arrangements may be arranged if needed.

Willing to travel: 15 miles

Tutoring Experience:

I have my Biomedical science degree,

A-levels in: maths, chemistry and Biology and 10 GCSE`S A-C grade.

I also have a year of tutoring experience. I have always been keen to discuss my ideas and views with others, and help anyone who is struggling throughout high school and my degree.

I have worked as a babysitter for young children in the past and enjoyed the opportunity to interact with them and help them with their homework.

I now know I can communicate effectively and comfortably around both adults and children, and can engage them in conversation whilst maintaining their interest.

  • University of Sunderland (2012)- Biomedical Science BSc Single Honours from the University of Sunderland. (Grade: 2:1)

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