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I myself am an excellent economics student at college, currently in year 13. For my AS level economics I got an A* scoring the highest in the school with 97% having lost only 2 marks. I even got an award at the end of the year for being the best in school at economics -As I am a student myself, I will be able to connect with your child at a personal level helping them succeed with their full potential and try achieve the highest grade they can get. -I have notes that will help the child learn the content easily and have all the information needed to get the highest grade. I also tutor some fellow classmates in school to help them gain a better understanding of some topics. -One thing really important to get a good grade in AS level economics is to master the art of structuring the essay based answers which I personally believe that I have done to some extent hence getting nearly 100% on all essays. I will pass on this skill to my student to help them also get the top grades. I hope you contact me so that I can help you out throughout the AS economics course. Bear in mind, facts & figures show that a graduate with an economics degree is on average earning higher than any other graduate so it's a worthwhile subject to get a grip on. Hope to hear from you soon

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