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Patient, considerate and enthusiastic. I love teaching and playing music.

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20 years lecturing and course management at Brighton, De Montfort and Nottingham Trent Universities. 6 years experience of individual music tuition.

  • Nottingham Trent University (2008)- Education PGCE Post-Graduate from the Nottingham Trent University. (Grade:

  • De Montfort University (2003)- Scriptwriting for TV MA Masters from the De Montfort University. (Grade:

  • Middlesex University (1991)- Philosophy and Literature BA Single Honours from the Middlesex University. (Grade:

My Testimonials
Name of the person who provided this testimonial: Joe
I first met Dan working on a Robin Hood pantomime he was directing. I was playing Friar Tuck and when he found out I played guitar he changed the script to make me a minstrel monk. He then changed the Alan O'Dale character (who had a lovely singing voice, but had to mime playing his lute) to Alan O'Fail and wrote little comic scenes before each song where no one will listen to Alan's songs cos his lute playing is so bad (we didn't need to dub this over!) My character steps in and provides beautiful accompaniment. The problem was – I didnt really play the guitar that well. I knew a few chords, but they were cheats where you didn't strum all the strings so that you didnt have to worry about complicated fingering. Over two weeks Dan took time out to give me encouragement and gradually introduce extra fingering that made me feel like the star of the show on first night – a musician as well as an actor. After that I had regular lessons with Dan for two years while I worked as a DJ and studied for a degree. On graduating I took up a position as a Technical Director on cruise ships, but quickly found myself performing in front of the guests as an acoustic musician, singing and playing guitar to entertain the guests. I now busk at every port we get shore leave and have a beautiful relationship with a singer on the ship, which is so much closer because we can share our times playing music together as well as the normal things couples enjoy. Music is life to me and I'd like to pass that message on to everyone, but without having the luck to meet Dan, I might have missed that opportunity.
Name of the person who provided this testimonial: Craig
I started drumming as a teenager. I got lessons off a gigging drummer. He was brilliant, but as he got more successful he stopped teaching me and I stopped playing. When I was at college I met Danny at a juggling workshop. I was terrible, but he noticed I was trying to find a rhythm and asked if I was a drummer. After that he suggested I buy a djembe. Its a portable African drum that meant I could carry it around and practice and informally accompany people singing or playing instruments. With Danny music was all about the social aspect, the enthusiasm, the excitement and the fact that music brings joy to people, whether they're playing or singing along or listening. I spent my day off waiting-on and barwork – Sunday – every week for a year learning drums with Danny, He accompanied me with loads of different instruments like Saxaphone and Mandoline as well as standard guitar and bass. He also kept recording the sessions and emailing me the WAVs. You learn as much from listening to yourself afterwards as you do from playing. There were so many instruments around the studio and Danny was really generous with his time if I got interested in wanting to know how things work. I tried my hand at guitar and some other string instruments, but the massive amounts of knowledge you need to understand melody and harmony made me run back to the comfort of the drums and the beauty of rhythm. Before I left the UK Danny gave me four very basic lessons on melody and harmony on a baritone Ukelele that filled in the picture for what was going on with the rest of the band when I was playing the drums. I've been travelling around New Zealand for the past year and being able to bang out a few tunes or pick up some new ones has made me loads of new friends as well as keeping me sane after a 12 hour shift of serving 'Savs' and 'Bibonacuks' (Sauvignon Blanc and Jack Daniels and Coke) I can't wait to get back to my drum kit, but have performed at a club at Wellington on a guitar (not that much of a difference from a bari uke) and still make myself and other people happy almost every day banging out chords to current favourites or strumming my own compositions. Thanks Danny Boy! Music is f**cking great! Like surfing it's good to watch, but indescribably fantastic when you're in the middle of a wave.
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