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Member Since: 20/07/2014
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Location: Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
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Subjects Taught

Rates range from: £10.00 to £22.00 per hour

  • A-Level: £22.00 per hour
  • Adult Learner: £22.00 per hour
  • Degree: £22.00 per hour
  • GCSE: £22.00 per hour
  • Key Stage 3: £20.00 per hour

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  • Adult Learner: £22.00 per hour
  • Primary: £10.00 per hour

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Group Lesson
  • Lesson Details: 60 Minutes (Once a Week)
  • Location: West Swindon
  • Lesson cost: £11.00
  • Lesson information: French conversation class - ongoing every Thursday evening between 7.45 and 8.45 pm.
About Nadine

Fully qualified Second Language teacher of French and Spanish

Availability: Variable, just ask me

Willing to travel: Home Only

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  • Swansea University (2003)- Modern Languages, Translation and Interpreting PGCE QTS from the Swansea University. (Grade: Pass) Verified

  • Swansea University (2001)- English Language BA Joint Honours from the Swansea University. (Grade: 2:1) Verified

My Testimonials
Name of the person who provided this testimonial: Lyne
Testimonial from an Adult Spanish student Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks...... well at 50 I'm no spring chicken but I'd like to think that there is plenty of life in the old girl yet!! About two years or so ago I approached Ms Nadine with a view of teaching me Spanish. I had tried night school but through work I sometimes had difficulty getting back in time. Also, with so many in the class I felt intimidated if I did not understand something and had to ask, so I gave up. Ms Nadine has been very patient with me, by now I should be fluent in both verbal and written - however due to me not studying during the week I've only been learning for one hour which I do know is not enough. A lot of teachers would have given up on me, but no not Ms Nadine. She has been so helpful; she has found me books to help and always comes us with new ideas and suggestions. Not only is Ms Nadine a good teacher, but she has also become a good friend. I would be more than happy for anyone who is looking to learn a new language to contact me further and give Ms Nadine a more than glowing reference. Lyne
Name of the person who provided this testimonial: Emma
Testimonial re 2 young children 6 & 8 years old. We've just got back from a few weeks in Spain and we were both really impressed by Issy & Toby's Spanish. They seem to have a great grounding in basic vocabulary and they were also keen to try speaking Spanish, so thank you for teaching and encouraging them. Emma
Name of the person who provided this testimonial: Fiona
Nadine has taught French privately to 2 of our children over the past 18 months. Toby has ADD and struggled to learn in a school environment; by the time he reached year 11 he was very disillusioned and a misfit at school. During the autumn term of year 11 we were told that Toby was predicted a grade E at GCSE. We knew that he was capable of better than this so we set about finding him a French tutor Toby started weekly lessons with Nadine after Christmas in year 11 and was perfectly happy to attend these individual lessons – a stark contrast with school, as by this stage Toby was sometimes playing truant from school. Nadine helped Toby in all aspects of the course: written work, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, coursework and oral. We were all therefore extremely pleased when Toby was awarded a grade A in his oral exam and a grade B overall; we are sure that the result would have been very different had Toby not had these lessons with Nadine. Sally has just completed year 7 and started short weekly lessons with Nadine at the beginning of year 7. Sally is not a natural linguist but enjoys languages and wants to do well in them. As a result of Sally’s age, Nadine’s lessons have mainly been based around games and play rather than being structured as conventional lessons, and there is no homework. During year 7, students at Sally’s school (Bradon Forest) study French and German; however, at the end of year 7, 75% of students are required to drop 1 language. This came as a great shock to us but Sally was doing sufficiently well that she has been allowed to continue with both languages. In her last French test at school she scored a level 5, which is rare for students who have not studied the language at junior school. We are very happy with the progress that Sally is making and we think it unlikely that she would have been selected to continue with 2 languages had she not had the additional lessons with Nadine. In Conclusion She is a professional lady who puts a good deal of thought and planning into her lessons to ensure that they are suited to the individual child and their requirements. Our children have enjoyed going to their French lessons, which is very important, otherwise we would not have been able to persuade them to go; particularly our son. With Nadine we have the reassurance that our children have been taught correctly and will cultivate an authentic accent! We would have no hesitation in recommending Nadine to anyone and the ‘proof of the pudding’ is the great turnaround of Toby’s GCSE grade from a predicted E to a B.
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