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Hi, I need to find a Microsoft Excel tutor. I work for a consulting firm and I really need to improve my skills ASAP; otherwise I am going to disappoint my boss. I hope to learn the below skills - please let me know if you can teach this.

I hope you will be able to create little mock exercises for me to practice over and over with you. SUM, All IF functions, Averages, Max/Min ,Pivot Tables, V lookups, Conditional formatting, removing duplicates, fixing cells, aesthetic formatting, and key shortcuts. I would pay £20 an hour.

I would work on my work laptop, and you would work on your laptop. I use Office 2010. I am fun, easy going, I will be v focussed in our lessons.

Availability: All weekend 23rd/ 24th - day time, evening time - I hope to cram in as much Excel time as I can. And all day Sunday 31st.

Willing to travel: 12 miles