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How to use technology for better learning

In this 21st century, the use of technology-based services and devices has increased at an immense rate. Teaching with technology is frequently used all over the world as it has led to creating deepened learning for the students. To add technology in the classroom, you as the teacher require possessing a wider insight of the goals of teaching for which the technology will be installed. Moreover, you also need effective training to feasibly use the technology installed within the classroom to provide an innovative learning experience for the students. In the following ways, a person can use technology in the classroom for the benefit of improved teaching and learning experience.

Arrange preview of virtual field trips

As a teacher, you need to take your students on a virtual field trip before actually visiting those places. This is required to build up the enthusiasm within the students and get them a glance at the things that they may see in reality while visiting the place. Moreover, this leads to boost their excitement in them and let them acquire knowledge about the streets and location related to the place. The virtual field trip can be done by exploring the various travelling website where picture related to the place is provided. You just need to place a projector and reflect the collected information and pictures on a large screen so that the entire class can be provided with the information at a single time.

Control noisy students

To control noisy students, as a subject tutor, you can install a technology tool that alerts the class when they become too noisy to handle. For instance, you can use the application named Too Noisy to alert the students when the classroom becomes too chaotic and noisy. Thus, when the meter shows a high range of sounds the students will automatically understand that they need to lower their voices. Therefore, you can have a pleasant time properly educating the students.

Using video lessons

The lessons that the teacher wants to convey can be provided with the help of short video clips to the students. A visual presentation of the topic creates a deep effect on the minds of the students to let them easily remember the lesson. Moreover, a video presentation helps to create effective learning as in any case a student misses a particular class the person can have access to the video to understand what has been taught in the class. The video presentation helps to add a multimedia effect to the classroom learning thus perfectly resonating with the requirement and demands of the visual learners.

Live video co-ordination

In the present world of high-tech applications, it is vague just to depend on recorded video. Thus, you as a teacher need to generate access to online live video screenings made by subject matter experts on various websites within your classroom on the screen. This will help to improve the learning process as the students can have access to various experienced and eminent people who can resolve their queries related to studies in a more improved way. Moreover, you also need to make use of Skype in connecting with the experts who are seen to provide informal learning videos, especially for the students.

Playing Podcasts

The use of relevant podcasts within the classroom learning environment helps create an effective environment for the auditory students. You need to deliver information related to the podcast which includes an interview session with the author of the book which is presently read by students, strategies related to the proper management of studies to complete them within the given schedule, and study-related lectures from the eminent professor and others. Moreover, you can create the option for the student to create their podcast in the classroom so that it can be viewed by the new learners later to let them understand how they can complete their studies.

Adding multimedia elements

In presenting the study topic, within the classroom with the help presentation, is required to add multimedia content within them to make it more attractive for the students. This is because without proper images, video, pictographs and others the presentation acts as dull and is seen to improperly deliver information to the students, thus making them feel confused. Thus, as the private tutors always need to add multimedia and technological elements within your representation to keep the student attentive and engaged in the lesson.

Virtual Manipulative

The virtual manipulative tool act as the most effective technological intervention in class for assisting students to learn complex information with ease such as arithmetic and others. For example, the lower grade students can be effectively informed about the information related to geometry by illustrating the meaning of area, length, breadth, height, perimeter and others through visual representation of shape. Moreover, the visual manipulative tool also acts as a boon for the high-grade students to let them understand how the plex mathematical formulas are farmed. Thus, it can be seen that it helps the teachers as well as guide the students to easily solve and understand lessons within the classroom activity.

Running a virtual trip

In real classroom circumstances, it is not always possible to go on a real field trip to any place. For example, a student in 6th grade learning about Eiffthe el Tower cannot be taken immediately on a trip to visit the place for their better understanding. However, you as a teacher can take the student on a virtual trip to let them understand and relate what they have learned to process it effectively into their memory. Thus, to ease this process, you can use Google Cardboard or other application that takes the person on a virtual trip to the place.

Creating an online calendar

As a teacher, it may not always be feasible for you to relate to each student about the timings and what information will be delivered in different phases of time during the study course. However, if you create an online calendar for the students, the process becomes easy. This is because the students can understand when and what will be taught within the study courses, helping them form a track of time for their studies.

Creating online assignments

The use of online activities within the classroom helps to provide information to a wider number of students within a short period. Moreover, the distant students have the feasibility to collect information about what they need to perform in completing each assignment without bothering to attend live classes. The creation of online assignments also helps them to submit the assignments on time.

Performing online student feedback

The teachers can include technology to get an online review of the learning and information adapted by the students. This is to be done by creating online student feedback forms. For example, out of a class of 50 students, it is not always possible to focus on what every student wants and needs to experience better lesson activities. Thus, in such a case, the professor will access the online students’ forum and can make notes of replies put forth by the students. Thus, the professor can modify the learning activity within the class based on the feedback to provide an improved a learning experience for the students.

Game-based learning

In order to effectively create a learning environment within the classroom, the online tutors can use game-based learning to help the students learn without getting bored. As said by many researchers that game-based learning helps to force the students to develop an analytical and evaluative power in learning the lessons. Thus, this creates effective learning outcomes as many students who are seen to have been inattentive in class due to boring lessons have shown active participation. Moreover, the game-based learning creates an intriguing attitude among the students to learn more lessons within the specified time as they do not feel the burden of learning as it is done playfully.


Rather than individually circulating quizzes and questions, the teachers need to adopt technology in creating online quizzes and questions to be answered by the student within the class. The teacher to control cheating can deliver the same set of questions in a manipulative continuous manner so that each question set may appear different from the other for the students whereas the questions remain the same.

Online student blog

The creation of an online student’s blog helps in properly monitoring the progress of the student in the classroom. This is because the blog refers to the reflective information about what they have understood from the courses and information collected from the provided lesson in the classroom.

There are further ways in which technology can be included in the classroom environment to provide an improved lesson to the students because using technology has no end. However, it is to be remembered that technology cannot replace teachers, but effective teachers utilising the right and proper technology can create an effective and informative learning environment for the students. Thus, the mentioned strategies are to be effectively implemented in the class to create an overall improvement in the study process.