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Tips for Teachers to Deliver Effective and Engaging Online Learning

After the pandemic, educators forcefully started teaching online and educational institutions shifted to remote learning methods. Some were able to master the art of online teaching, but it was a struggle for others. Online tutors got overwhelmed by changes in the scenario, new technologies and pressure to teach. It was an uphill task for tutors in which they were failing. If you are one of those who are struggling to teach online, then the following tips will help you to make your online classes effective and engaging.

Tips to make online classes effective and efficient:-

Use of proper internet connection:- You need a fast internet speed to conduct online classes smoothly as it will help them to understand topics easily. Students don't have to suffer from unresolved doubts or feel lost.

Clear Instructions:- Tutors must provide proper instructions before they begin teaching. There must be some ground rules that students must follow. You can have the following instructions for your classes:-

  •   Turn on the camera during classes
  •   Turn on the mic when asked
  •   Don't use foul words during class
  •   We don't entertain any mischievous behaviour during classes.

These ground rules are essential to maintain discipline during class and help to conduct it smoothly.

Read the room:- It is crucial because you can understand whether students are grasping your teachings or not. Tutors can figure out the time and methods for a learning session. It can help to improve the quality of classes. You can read the room by looking at the reaction or through feedback.

Making a teaching plan:- It is crucial to make a plan before giving lessons. Teaching without a plan will not benefit students as some will understand and others won't. So it is essential to make a plan for classes. Divide chapters and sections to make it easy for them and also you. There will be no burden on your shoulder and students will also grasp topics with ease.

Record your sessions:- Recording your learning sessions has numerous benefits such as getting aware of miscreants, can be used as proof during a lawsuit, students' behaviour and progress, knowing about the progress you made, helping students to catch up and others.

Check their progress:- Checking progress can give you vital information about students. It can help you to track the level of interest they show or if students understand or not. It is vital because you can improve your services through it. You can track progress through several methods like feedback, tests, quizzes, etc.

Set goals for them:- Students will push their boundaries if they have a target to achieve. They will progress in their academic career and achieve goals. Tutors can set these goals for the betterment of students, but they have to remember that the target should not be too high or too low. Students will start slacking if the target is too low and struggle if it's too high. Academic Tutors must set a target based on overall performance. It will make classes engaging and if there is a reward for achieving the target, students will try their best to achieve it.

Using media to make classes engaging:- Media can be the best way to teach complex topics easily. Using proper images, videos and even memes can draw students' interest. Classes will have better engagement, students will take an interest to learn. They will learn with interest and make progress in academic performance.

Games and tasks with rewards:- If you want to increase engagement in class, then having a few fun games with prizes is the best way. Students show their interest and put effort to win. Students will show interest in classes and they will learn quickly.

Engaging methods:- Engaging techniques like storytelling and others can generate students' interest. They will show interest in learning and progress in their academic career.

Getting familiar with technology:- Familiarity with technology is crucial during online classes. It will help you to be in control of everything. You need to be familiar with some software and gadgets if you want to teach online. The experience of teaching gets smoother when you learn about the software. Students also understand better when you are using the latest technology to explain tricky concepts.

Proper communication:- Communication is one of the most crucial aspects of teaching. Students can understand better if tutors convey it properly. Tutors must maintain appropriate behaviour, body language, tone and vocabulary to make lessons understandable.

Proper attention and feedback:- Students need proper attention during lessons as they might have problems in understanding. Proper attention and feedback will improve the engagement of the class and students will excel in their academic careers. You have feedback through forums and one on one sessions.


Above are some suggestions that private tutors can follow to make their teaching sessions fun and interesting, efficient, effective and smooth. Applying the above suggestions will benefit both students and teachers. Students can excel in their academic careers and teachers can grow their businesses.