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Dr. Jacob

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Location: London, London, United Kingdom
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Rates range from: £150.00 to £300.00 per hour

About Jacob

Top quality, extremely experienced tutor, consultant and trainer - Explaining and Simplifying Difficult Subjects - Your success is mine!

Availability: flexible - worldwide

Willing to travel: 50 miles

Tutoring Experience:

20 years of academic tutoring 30 years in consulting and training 25 years cap markets and business

  • University of Graz (Pursuing)- Finance PhD from the University of Graz.

  • WU Wien - Vienna University of Economics (1990)- Finance MBA Mag. Rer. Soc. oec. from the WU Wien - Vienna University of Economics. (Grade: Pass)

  • University of Graz (1984)- Law Overseas Qualification First Diploma in Law from the University of Graz. (Grade: Pass)

My Testimonials
Name of the person who provided this testimonial: Nica
Jacob is one of the best professors I have ever come across both in all aspects of teaching and personality. He has a remarkable ability to stimulate students and add personality and passion for finance to the course material. His finance knowledge is beyond any definition and his teaching radiates with energy and optimism. His dynamic teaching style makes students listen attentively to him and he does not only teach exceptionally well but also cares a lot about the level of understanding of each student. He is one of those rare professors that take the extra effort to make sure all students that need additional help are accommodated, despite his busy schedule.
Name of the person who provided this testimonial: Irma
Jacob is one of the best businessmen and mentors I have known so far. I got acquainted with him when I needed a mentor to help me carve out my career path. Later we kept communicating on several business related issues. As a mentor, Jacob provided me with the most valuable guidance and advice suited for my particular circumstances. As a seasoned professional, he offered me a fresh, real-life perspective on business and finances, whereas his knowledge of companies and his extensive network of contacts provided a rare opportunity to get in touch with the people anyone would dream of reaching. On a personal level, this highly successful businessman and busy professor offered me his time, attention and undivided support, and I always knew he deeply cared on how I progressed. But it is only with time that I came to better understand and appreciate the true meaning of his advice which never faltered me. His guidance and his proactive approach to life resisted time and geography constraints and has dwarfed all the lofty “theoretical” concepts of leadership, effectiveness, meeting customers' expectations we come across every now and then. What makes Jacob so special is his bigger-than-life personality. Being a shrewd businessman and a brilliant professor has never been enough to be successful. I think history has been a constant witness to the fact that only those with personalities as huge as their professionalism actually stand out and make real impact. This is probably why meeting Jacob has been one of my life changing experiences.
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DBS (CRB) Check: No  
Has References: Yes
Will Tutor Online: Yes
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