Travel To More Places by Learning Spanish

 I have travelled to different Spanish-speaking countries in the world and have always been treated hospitably and kindly. The helpfulness and sense of never being in a hurry always help me to relax and feel welcome in those countries. There are so many countries in which the native language is Spanish that it is the third most spoken language in the world.

 Now is certainly the best time to start learning as by the summer when most people take their holidays, you will have learnt enough to ask directions, food and drink, book a room in a hotel and all the other most essential things you will need. Spanish is a very straight forward language because most of the words are pronounced as they are written and the clarity of the pronunciation is better than most languages I know. 

I teach my students by ensuring that they know the basic grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary and that they learn only the kind of everyday language that they will use when on holiday. This enables students to feel that they are totally focused on preparing for their holiday. I also encourage them to read the most important class material and listen to it for up to three times a week. Students find that this helps them familiarise themselves so much with what they learn in class that they remember it and above all, understand it.

 By the end of 6 months, most students are beginning to think in the language and naturally think of the expressions they will need to say rather than working them out painstakingly and translating them mentally before speaking them. They become fluent enough in the language to cope well in the situations in which they will find themselves and they will have developed the self-confidence to speak.

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