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How to start tutoring at Select My Tutor

SelectMyTutor is an online tutoring platform that connects online or home tutors with the students. Our main aim here is to get tutors and students together. As a tutor, we want to make the experience of using our service as resourceful as likely. We are aware that there are many students who are in pursuit of a tutor with high credentials like you. You can browse through our database via the SelectMyTutor homepage, using the tutor search facility. Creating a profile is where you can showcase your creativity to attract prospective students. A complete engaging profile helps you in getting better and targeted prospective student enquires that has more chance in converting into a student for you. SelectMyTutor is a platform for students and home tutors to connect, communicate and understand their needs.

Tutoring at our platform is an easy 6 step process:
Step 1: Click on: Become a tutor
Step 2: Register with SelectMyTutor
Step 3: Verify your email id and admin verifies your account
Step 4: Search for Students in Tutoring jobs ,looking for Home Tutors as per your subject competence, distance willingness to travel.
Step 5: Communicate with Students and once you are found as an appropriate home tutor by the student, he/she requests a share of contact which will be authorized by you.
Step 6: Select my Tutor exchanges the contacts with the student and tutor.

Getting registered on our site is one of the most suitable and appropriate ways to start tutoring in your place. You can view tutor vacancies by clicking on the subjects below. Additionally, our portal has a high demand for tutoring and students keep returning to it as and when they need help. Create a lot of opportunities for yourself to look out for students in the UK and across the world.
Along with your academic qualifications (GCSE’s, A levels and degrees), your profile will be reviewed. This is a feature we at SelectMyTutor have always insisted upon displaying before any contact is made.

If all this sounds enticing, why not sign up today? Maybe you have been tutoring for some time, but remain frustrated by the small number of students you currently teach – if so SelectMyTutor could be perfect for you!