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Easy User Interface
I have been one of the first users of Select My Tutor online connecting platform. The first thing that strikes me is the amazing easy to use interface. The suggested students feature in the member area is one of its kinds. It brings out an updated list based on my location and subject expertise. Plus the article sharing on social media has helped me get more enquires and views on my profile.

Apr 10,2014  By: Becky

Good database of Tutors
Select My Tutor has got a good database of tutors in various fields ranging from academic needs to co-circular needs or a hobby. I have found the platform very convenient to use and have found right tutors for all my tutoring needs. Plus I can read insightful articles on the website and also save it on my profile for my further reference. This helps me have my own storage space where I collect articles of my choice. The suggested tutor feature helps me find the best tutor based upon ranking and proximity.

Apr 08,2014  By: Sam

Parent Account
The unique feature that allows a separate account for Parents that can be connected with the children account. This helps me in looking out for the interest of my child by suggesting him articles and tutors to contact from the platform. Also I can buy the contact details of a home tutor for my child based upon her needs. The most important aspect which I like about the feature is my child doesn’t have to compromise with any sort of privacy.

Apr 21,2014  By: Joshua