Information technology when concern with technology and business, is the technology that is driving what is known as “the information revolution” is all about the study and uses of computers and telecommunications systems for storing, retrieving and sending information. Information technology is set of tools and processes which include coding, data conversion, storage, system programming, data communications, system analysis and system control to process and present information. Information technology as synonym of computer systems and system networks but encompasses all forms of technology which are use to create, store and exchange data and information. Information technology uses information in varied forms like voice conversion, motion pictures, multimedia presentations, business data and many other forms. According to an article published in the Harvard business the term information technology is used in modern period but it had been used since Mesopotamian civilization.

Application of information technology in various fields

Human has developed several ways of communication through exchange of ideas, information and knowledge and continuous efforts are made to develop simple and fast way of written communication. Printing revolution- the invention of printing was revolutionary step, it made written communication so fast and easy that thousands of copies can be printed so quickly as never before. Books, magazines and many other newspapers are now very easily available to everyone and this spread literacy and growth of education. Electronics – information technology bring another revolution of electronic across time and space. IT made it possible to exchange messages and information all around the world. Moreover news and television programs can be transmitted to any place. Information technology brings electronics, communication and computer all together. IT brings remote people closer to each other through telephones, mails, telegraph, radio and television. Telecommunication- the growth in IT has opened doors for many new services in the field of telecommunication.  Now computers can be easily connected to mobile network to exchange information through channels like e-mails. World Wide Web has made Television transmission easily possible. Mobile internet brought phone and internet services together in hands. USB flash drive- floppy disk, CDROM etc were used to transfer data and information. In modern days flash drive can transfer information as many times as you want. Information technology has also blessed education as computers plays a vital role in management of education department. computers facilitated easily and quickly preparation of timetables, creating question bank, making salary slip and many other things. Computers help in explaining ideas to students more creatively and easily. IT has showed important role in entertainment sector also. Computers are now an essential tool in making of films and advertisements. On other hand IT also allowed the user to access multiple options to handle pictures. In the field of medicines computers has done miracle job like computer chips are used in ECG machines, blood analysis and vision testing all are done through IT software only.

Future of information technology

Technology over the coming years will be significantly different with great improvements in information technology and IT will be more customized and personalized, easily applicable, reducing size of technical devices. Interfaces will be more improved, recognition will be more flawless, and sizes of devices will significantly reduce with more capacity and capabilities and also allow viewing virtually on any screen by glasses and contact lenses. Capabilities of supercomputer will be easily access on mobile phones. Large database at ones hand, devices which can storage large database and which can be simply and easily used at any point of time. Bandwidth to access internet applications is growing day by day and also becoming an essential part in higher education field and science. Even some specific technologies will be available which will permit large scale three dimensional printing and other services like home visits of doctors etc. In addition to this, rapid technological development will also enable the business conglomerates in enhancing their operations and thereby managing smooth functioning of widespread business operations effectively and efficiently.

Challenges of information technology

Managing technology will become complex and challenging as technology gets outdated as soon as it’s implemented and making decision becomes more complicated. Multiple platforms are available which results in increase in complications and challenges for future institutional management of technology. Even many people lack interest, time and capability to learn technology. Moreover increase technological development has also increased rate of internet based crimes and scams, frauds, hacking and the like. Furthermore, technological development has also impacted security and privacy of individual, business communities and society as whole.

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