Algorithm or Pseudo-code

Learn the flow of the algorithm. Consider x and y as two different values.
Write an algorithm to take 100 values in x and y respectively. Test x against y and display weather x is greater or y is greater, while comparing x and y. calculate total of x and y. Also, include average of x and y values. Test for odd and even in x and y. calculate total odd and even in x and y.


Let x=0
Let y=0
For count = 1 to 100            [For: Repetition starts here]
Input x                               [input of x and y are taken]
Input y

If x is greater than y then
Print “X is greater than y”
Else                                   [if condition started with else]
Print “Y is greater than x”
End if

[Testing x for odd and even]

If x=”odd” then
Xo=xo+1                           [counting for total no of odd in x]
Else if x=”even” then
Xe=xe+1                           [counting for total no of even in x]
End if

[Testing y for odd and even]

If y=”odd” then
Yo=yo+1                           [counting for total no of odd in y]
Else if y=”even” then
Ye=ye+1                           [counting for total no of even in y]
Eid if
Tx=tx+x                            [summing total values of x]
Ty=ty+y                            [summing total values of y]
Next count                         [For next loop/repetition ends here]

[Calculating Average for total x and y values separately after the loop ends.]

Avgx=tx/count                   [or 100] [calculating Avg for total x values]
Avgy=ty/count                   [or 100] [calculating Avg for total y values]

[Showing output of all x and y status in the last.]

Print “total of x ”, tx
Print “total of y ”, ty
Print “total x even ”, xe
Print “total x odd ”, xo
Print “total y even ”,ye
Print “total y odd”, yo
Print “Average of x”, Avgx
Print “Average of y”, Avgy


 By Sabihuddin Ahmed Siddiqui

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