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Hello, my name is Rachel ; I have a Bachelor of Science with Honours Degree, and I am the Founder and Managing Director of The Bridge Project, a Non-Profit organisation dedicated to using Information technology to help Individuals, Groups, and Small Enterprises in local communities, by providing Education, I.T Services, and Business Support.

Why was The Bridge Project Created?

The Bridge Project began in 2010 when I became my friends and relatives go-to person to repair and configure Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones, eventually I took their advice to just start a professional service to fix and configure PC’s and Mobile Devices. The service proved popular and as my customer base expanded and they related their overwhelmingly negative experiences with Technology and Support Services to me, it quickly became apparent that while new technology and software were being released at an ever-increasing rate, the educational requirements that went with the influx were being widely ignored by the industry leaving End Users and Small Business to fend for themselves to their detriment.

In addition, during my years of college it became apparent that a lack of focus on teaching the strict Academic Requirements of English, Structuring, Referencing, and Presentation especially in the Computer Sciences from secondary school upwards, set a bad precedent costing students increasingly significant marks as they progressed through A-Levels, College, and University, I noticed students becoming disheartened when their work although technically correct had been marked down severely for lack of adherence to strict Academic Rules they did not fully understand as they had not been taught. To rectify these issues, I devised a Business Model that offers Academic Education, Practical Training, and Business support.

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Hello; my name is Rachel and I have a Bachelor of Science with Honours Degree. I am an experienced Tutor and tailor lessons to your individual pace and requirements, adding an appropriate sprinkling of levity so learning becomes easy and enjoyable.