Different aspects of journalism in the world

Journalism is the profession and activity of investigating and reporting issues, events, current scenario, fashion and trends to the world audience in the form of writing for newspaper and magazines or broadcasting on television, radio and online media such as blogs and networking sites. This field or activity includes writing, designing, editing and photography. Journalists are the people who collect primary and secondary information and news and the product generated by such professionals are known as journalism. Journalism has played important and crucial role during elective democracies all over world and from there it has emerge as a professional identity which is called as journalists. Even today also journalists have unique status and role in the society. Journalism covers all information about individual, society, politics, organizations, government and business. News media are the source of information about public affairs.

About Journalist

As per traditional definition, journalists are the writers who research and collect information which they present to mass audience through various means like newspaper, radio, magazines, television and internet. In broader term journalists are the backbone of journalism and media industry. Journalism field have aim of creating professional journalists who can provide their readers and audience with the reliable and accurate information about all the issues and events all around the world. Therefore journalists required specialized education, training and experience in the field of journalism. Journalism is a broad career and they have several opportunities with different areas of media such as newspaper, television, magazines, radio etc. Depending on size of journalism organization journalists have many specialized task to perform like reporters are those who collect and gather all the information and for this they conduct interview, survey and seek all necessary sources to collect all the needed information to write and present new stories. General reporters are those who cover all area of news while specialized reporter caters specific areas like sports, lifestyle, politics etc. Sub editors are those who take information from reporters in order to present the information gathered by reporter in a way which would suit to the requirement of particular magazine, website or newspaper. Sub editors are themselves not involve in task of collect information but they have specific task of processing the information which is handed to them by reporters.

Photo journalists are those who cover all the photography of the event with a reporter and they also take pictures which tell the story about the issue or event. There job is to take photographs and video and capture important event at the time they take place as a way of reporting the news. They must carry all their photography gadgets and equipments along. Editor is the one who has charge of all journalists and he is the one who will decide what will print in newspaper, bulletins and magazines. Editor is responsible for all the stories and article which get print.

Importance of journalism

For a well functioning democracy smart, independent and fair journalism is very essential. The chief objective journalism is to provide all individuals or citizens with the necessary information from all over the world. Journalism acts as mirror between the government and citizens by reporting what government and other powerful organization do moreover they provide information to the public so that they can decide their opinion towards government and others. Journalism has many role and responsibilities toward society and public for the sake of providing unbiased and fair information and freedom of expression. Journalism is a social institution as well as industry which let people in touch with all the information that happens globally moreover it creates a bride between the people and government with other social authorities of democracy. It also acts as watch dog of the society by providing correct information to public and society. According to Winston Churchill, “Journalism is a guardian that never sleeps and protects freedom of the people.”

In today’s world journalism plays an important role in bringing peace and prosperity to human life and also satisfies people’s social needs in their day to day live by providing information, health awareness, educational information, entertainment and much more.

Journalism ethical code

Journalism’s prime goal is present itself as the reflection of truthful and important information to the public which allows them to form correct impression about social structure and ensures that nobody hampers the rights of public moreover journalism work in public interest. The social responsibility of journalism bound it to act in accordance with ethical code and standards. The code and standards of ethics for journalists and media employees are set to hold them in responsibility framework and self-regulation. The code set a professional and ethical behavior of people involve in journalism field which includes searching, keeping, distributing and commenting on information. Journalism has mass media freedom which allows them to speak freely but it is their responsibility to ensure other civil rights and freedom. The moral duty of journalism is to convey true and genuine information to public, journalist should make sure the information is from reliable source, complete, truth and unbiased. Also journalist should present the facts and data in their true form which depicts its true meaning and should not allow distortions. Respecting the rights and lawful interests of third parties is also the moral responsibility of journalism. Minimizing the damages and not misusing the journalist’s independency are also ethical and moral standards which journalism need to follow.


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