The Internet-a valuable resource for GCSE tuition

Many parents show concern with the use of the Internet for language tuition.

However, in my experience as a language tutor, teacher and linguist of a non-British origin, I have discovered that my students respond better to animated learning and genuine resources.

I personally tend to use genuine resources for diagnosis tests:

Pronunciation is quite important in the speaking exam. So, where else can you find authentic resources if not on Spanish basedlearning websites?

Here's how to practise pronunciation by learning and testing vocabulary and grammar in context, for example in 'Daily routine':

As you can see, I have placed great emphasis on testing vocab and grammar. But this can be done in a fun, interactive way with lots of contextual references.

Yes, I know we all want our tutees/children to do their best, to get A-A*, but first we must fill in the gaps and, whatever you may think, knowledge and confidence in using a language need to be built and boosted and then formally tested and not the other way round.

Very important: I recommend that all my students should have a language dictionary and I often find out that the dictionary is either very basic or even non-existent.

Therefore, if I require access to the internet it is to their own benefit; my favourite dictionary is wordreference mainly because not only does it have a complex dictionary for several languages with pronunciation, words in context and even images, but also it contains a verb conjugator, to help practise verbs in different tenses.

No, I do not merely use the internet, I also provide worksheets, powerpoints, flashcards and other materials, includind arevision textbook, but I am not an adept of learning parrot fashion and I tend to bring variation to my classes and even adapton the spot. For me, 'Practice makes perfect', the more revision and effort you put in, the easier the exam will get! Yet, why should this be another boring burden ?

In my opinion, when the difficult has become easy,then only it is time for the exam you agree?






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