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  • James

    Mr. James

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    Student Mentor/Literacy Coach: this enabled me to influence and guide students in secondary school on the route to achievement.

    I commonly worked with the more disadvantaged children, some of who had learning difficulties such as ADHD which can be very challenging at times although very rewarding as I feel I am making a difference.

    I assist with college applications and have had the opportunity to deliver a presentation to students who wish to continue education further, educating them on what university life is all about and what is to be expected.

    Student Ambassador: Assisting with open days and a variety of different events and activities whenever the university has new opportunities available etc.

    I am continuing to be an Ambassador next year also, specifically helping with law-related activities but also everything in between.

    Please contact as many tutors as possible (up to 4 tutors at a time).

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