Do you need a provocation to learn Russian

A Russian London-based entrepreneur and language teacher has branched out with the launch of his second textbook aimed at international business-people and students learning Russian.

‘The Story Provocation: for learners of the Russian language (yes, yes, and for you too!)’ - “Rasskaz-provokatsiya” in Russian – is Ignaty’s second unconventional language textbook. It follows the continuing story of George, a Guadeloupian banker embarking on a journey that sees his day to day life set against a series of crimes and provocations. Author Ignaty, is a serial entrepreneur and professional Russian language teacher based in London. He was inspired to write a series of stories that would teach useful vocabulary and grammar after some of his business clients complained that existing text-books were boring and had no relation to real life. So both his textbooks are fascinating detective stories with characters from different cultural backgrounds meeting in Guadeloupe and Europe. They live, love, work and relax. And most importantly they fight the world's evil and show exceptional ethics both in life and their work.

Mr.Ignaty said: “The story is completely fictional, with fictional characters and scenery, full of sarcasm and jokes with a mockery of stereotypes. I wrote it as an aid to making the Russian language study process a little bit more bearable for adult learners”. This is an innovative and unusual textbook technique and has already received much acclaim from eminent Russian specialists.

“Undoubtedly, this textbook makes language learning more fun, interesting and thus less challenging. It can be recommended as an addition to any Russian language textbook for A1-B1 levels - your students will definitely succeed and progress in Russian language learning!” says Professor Galina, vice-provost of The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute. The book has been tested on Ignaty's students who confirm that the story line keeps them intrigued and motivated to read more. This technique helps to develop their language skills, and makes the learning process more bearable, if not enjoyable.

'The Story Provocation' - ‘Rasskaz-Provokatsiya’, is illustrated by an Irish artist Gregg Ink and is available on Amazon as well as in selected book-stores including Waterstone's, WHSmith and Foyles. Bunch orders by schools and universities can be made through Russia Local Ltd at a discounted rate. Please get in touch at ‘The Story Provocation’ is published in association with Roxy-Art Ltd, Russian National Tourist Office, Russia Local Ltd and five per cent of all proceeds will go to support the SOS Children's Village, an orphanage in Leningrad region, Russia.

The sarcastic detective story covers common and useful topics such as food, politics, office life, clothes, sports, transport and business, as well as some common Russian set expressions and proverbs. Much of the book is conducted in dialogues, and there are lists of new words in every chapter as well as a concise Russian-English dictionary at the end. The story is written in slightly simplified Russian, to aid recognizing and memorizing grammar structures, and there are questions and/or grammar exercises at the end of each chapter.

About the Author Mr. Ignaty is a Russian, who came to the UK in 2008 and founded Russia Local Ltd, which provides linguistic support for companies planning to expand in Russia, including Russian language training, translation and marketing services and business consulting. He is an active private Russian language tutor too operating in the City of London and Mayfair in London. Praise for the first book in the series - 'The Story Sensation: for learners of the Russian language (and not only for Guadeloupians!)': “Unconventional material… Specifics of the pedagogical technology suggested by the author are based on the text principle and oriented at active learning and development of the creative language personality… The work laudably impresses and can be used as a textbook for foreign learners.”

Prof Lyudmila, the President of the International Association of Teachers of the Russian language and literature, President of St Petersburg State University “Outstanding education from a highly qualified, intelligent and pleasant individual.” Peter, Vice-MD, Transas Press about the first book in the series “The Story Sensation” Learning the Russian Language By Solving a Mystery | The Moscow Times, 08 February 2013, By Peter | BBC Russian Service, 24 January 2013 Innovative and Unconventional Russian language Textbook Published | Russkiy Mir Foundation, 15 January 2013


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