Math- Fun with Algebra

Math- Fun with Algebra

Math is a method of solving problems. One takes the known information, and by manipulating it using mathematical principles, one can find the missing information.


The importance of algebra in preparing students to be successful and productive citizens of the 21st century is now widely, if not completely, accepted. Moses (1995) named algebra “the new civil right.” For most people, the word "algebra" conjures the classroom memories of Xs and Ys. But for Algebra lovers it’s nothing less than a thrilling mystery. The more type of symbols involved the more mysterious it gets. Algebra is nothing but the branch of mathematics which deals with the study of the rules of operations & relations, and the constructions and concepts arising from them, including terms, polynomials, equations and algebraic structures.


Algebra starts as the art of manipulating the sums, products and power of numbers. The rule for this manipulation holds for all numbers, so the manipulations maybe carried out with letter standing for the numbers. Simply putting all the math that one has ever learned is really a tool for understanding the world around us. Algebra is a powerful and rich branch of mathematics that is useful in everyday life as well as business, engineering, and other technical fields. And believe it or not, we have only begun to scratch the surface of understanding how the world works. Algebra is a part of our daily life and we use it without even knowing. For example:


While taking a see-saw


If a person A weighs about 90 kgs & is sitting 40 cms from the pivot and the person B weigh 80 kgs, so in order to enjoy how far he sit from the pivot?


(It is just much easier to solve if we write it using algebra)

90 X 40 = 80 X x


Simply by relating the problem sums to our daily life activity or by using some easy techniques like Hands On Equations by using physical game pieces, has already helped more than a million students gain confidence with algebra. Now that same, proven method is available virtually in the palm of your hand.


Why Learn Algebra?

Algebra is a different way of thinking. It requires:

·        Problem solving

·        Decision making

·        Reasoning

·        Creative thinking

·        & Much more

It is a great subject for getting your brain to think differently. It helps the brain grow and work out. Algebra is a stepping stone to learning about this wonderful universe that we live in. With it one has the tools to understand many great things and also has the skills needed to continue on and learn Trigonometry and Calculus which are essential for exploring other types of problems and phenomena around us.

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