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  • Ms. Katherine

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    I am an enthusiastic, flexible and knowledgeable individual looking for full time job in Education. My passion to help children to learn is powerful, and it has always been a dream of mine to work with children, by helping them grow in many ways possible that can benefit their learning journey as well as personal development. 

    I taught adults in the past, which was mainly English/Polish languages, during a period which I supported each and everyone's potential to achieve more fluent and effective communication in a given language, that involved practises both verbal and non-verbal. I felt that with each lesson my students were making a tremendous progress under influence of the professional and friendly manner I presented in all situations. 

    Truly, it has been an experience, due to which I have learnt much about myself as a person, and have also gained more self confidence in carrying out lessons with different students. I look forward to a new challenge working with children, as I have a good grasp of teaching adults. Nonetheless, I always enjoy the challenge, not being afraid to take risks necessary, and any opportunities out there I like to explore that will support my career goals. 

    In any work environment I aim to build positive relationships and trust with others, as I find it to be a key to success. Being part of a team is important to me, yet I'm just as competent at dealing with situations or solving problems on my own initiative. I'm aware that being around children is exciting, very much rewarding, in spite of which it can be quite challenging. However, I consider myself as someone who is mature, responsible, with a sense of humour and genuine personality, much of what I think is needed to ensure the child's well-being and learning as smooth as possible. 

    I believe I meet the requirements for this job, based on my experience, knowledge and skills I've accomplished over the years of tutoring, educating myself, including my solid determination to develop further in what I've been doing so far.

    Please contact as many tutors as possible (up to 4 tutors at a time).

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