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Talking about your lifestyle.

This is just a partial content that I have pasted for a quick feeler. I conduct the classes with different subjects on day to day basis and try to make the session as interactive as possible. This topic is on discussing about a lifestyle. The content.... Read More>>

Jul 05,2015  By: Madhusudan

Evolution of Elocution

Elocution is skill of expression of speech, clear and distinct pronunciation and articulation. It is formal study of pronunciation, style, grammar and tone of speaking. The term elocution broadly exhibits the style of one’s oral delivery of languag.... Read More>>

Jun 18,2014  By: Becky

Unconventional Russian language textbook

‘The Story Sensation: for learners of the Russian language (and not only for Guadeloupians!)’ - ‘Rasskaz-Sensatsiya’ in Russian - is the result, containing approximately 800 words that are crucial for everyday communication, repeated in the t.... Read More>>

Sep 15,2014  By: Ignaty

What is Organizational Behaviour

Organizational behaviour is the study which explains the way and manner in which people interact within groups. The core idea of the study of organizational behaviour explains that scientific approach can be applies in managing human resources in ord.... Read More>>

Jun 26,2014  By: Alisha