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Talking about your lifestyle.

This is just a partial content that I have pasted for a quick feeler. I conduct the classes with different subjects on day to day basis and try to make the session as interactive as possible. This topic is on discussing about a lifestyle. The content.... Read More>>

Jul 05,2015  By: Madhusudan

Foreign words in English

It is well-known that many languages adopt English into their vocabulary. What about the other way round? Read this article about a holiday in Corsica and see how many of the foreign Read More>>

Sep 08,2014  By: Anne

Art of Wishing {Beginners}

Today we are going to see some good ways of wishing someone on a good and a worst situation. You know that wishing can make someone feel good and sometimes light. We know that in our life quite often come across some happiest moments and sometimes th.... Read More>>

Jul 12,2015  By: Madhusudan

Learning alternatives and students potential

There are virtually endless ways to teach English as a Second Language to students and adults of different ages and educational backgrounds. And you might be surprised in discovering unsuspected learning potentials in students, including students wit.... Read More>>

Aug 27,2016  By: Marzia